17 Dope Shows Celebrating Legalized Weed

When you were a kid, perhaps your parents hid their stash of grass while you secretly smoked your own weed. Fast forward to present day: your dispensary carries cannabis and your kid's favorite number is sure to be 420.

In this era of legalization, marijuana law isn't the only thing changing. The way we think and talk about about weed has changed. As we've grown up, so has broadcast television -- with TV stoners evolving from blurry-eyed, cartoon losers into high functioning adults with jobs.

Don't beweed me? On a recent episode of Grey's Anatomy, even the doctors were high on cannabis cookies! These days, getting baked on TV is not only acceptable, it’s often part of the story. (The funny part.) Consider this list of dope shows your gateway drug to high quality, small screen entertainment.

17. Wilfred Elijah Wood is Ryan, a medical marijuana user with a seriously warped sense of reality.
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