Class of 88: Director Dwight H. Little Reflects on Resurrecting an Icon for Halloween 4: The Return Of Michael Myers

When it was released in October of 1988, Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers reinvigorated a struggling franchise whose fanbase was clamoring for more of Haddonfield’s most infamous resident. It was up to director Dwight H. Little to resurrect the horror icon a decade after he first terrorized Laurie Strode, and this time, Michael Myers had his sights set on Laurie’s daughter, Jamie Lloyd, played by the precocious Danielle Harris.

When first approached to direct Halloween 4, Little was still an up-and-coming filmmaker with only a handful of feature film credits to his name. Dwight was excited by the prospect of getting to work on a Halloween movie, but had some initial reservations about the project after his first meeting with producer Moustapha Akkad.

“I think Moustapha had seen part of a recent film that I had done, so they called me to come in for an interview,” explained Little.
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