Eiff 2018: ‘The Most Assassinated Woman in the World’ Review

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Stars: Anna Mougalis, Niels Schneider, Eric Godon, Andre Wilms, Jean-Michel Balthazar, Christian Crahay, Constance Dolle, Michel Fau, Sissi Duparc | Written by Franck Ribiere, Verane Frediani, David Murdoch | Directed by Franck Ribiere

Directed by Franck Ribiere (producer for Alex de la Iglesia), The Most Assassinated Woman in the World is a French period horror that takes place against the backdrop of France’s Grand Guignol theatre, a real-life institution (lasting from 1897 until 1962) that specialised in graphic and naturalistic horror shows. Unfortunately, the story doesn’t quite do justice to the setting.

Anna Mougalis (Romanazo Criminale) plays Paula Maxa, the iconic real-life actor who was the most famous of the Grand Guignol’s leading ladies, who, as the title indicates, was graphically murdered on stage several times a day. After her latest performance of ‘Un Crime dans une Maison de Fous’ (where she plays an inmate in a brutal asylum), Paula meets
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