U.S. Cultural Embassadors of Guangzhou to Represent Director Tan Bing’s Newest Chinese Murder-mystery Thriller, ‘The Fatal Contract’, Starring Bai Ling

Starring the controversial Chinese-American actress Bai Ling, ‘The Fatal Contract’ will be her first Chinese feature since her 20-year exile for openly criticizing Chinese government officials.

Los Angeles, CA – Tricoast Worldwide – Last month, TriCoast Worldwide CEOs were awarded Cultural Ambassadors of Guangzhou in the New Era in China and now will bring director Tan Bing’s murder-mystery thriller, ‘The Fatal Contract’ overseas for its U.S. release this month.

TriCoast Worldwide launched the global success for Tan Bing’s Chinese murder-mystery thriller, ‘The Fatal Contract’ (aka Zhing Ming He Yue) at 2018 Berlinale, gaining the exclusive headline, “Bai Ling To Star In First Feature In China in Over 20 Years – Berlin” by Deadline, which captivated and intrigued those worldwide about its controversial Chinese-American star, Bai Ling, and her return to Chinese cinema.

‘The Fatal Contract’ is an audience grabbing, dangerous and thrilling adventure that follows a young policeman and local bartender (Bai
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