Zombie Thriller Yesterday Debuts on Blu-ray through Darkside Releasing and Shivers Entertainment

Director Rob Grant's (Fake Blood) zombie thriller Yesterday is being released on home entertainment platforms. To show in a special two-disc Blu-ray version, Yesterday was shot on beautiful 16mm. Starring Graham Wardle (Grave Halloween), P. Lynn Johnson (Final Destination), Bill Murdoch, Mike Kovac and Jesse Wheeler, Yesterday will be offered in a two-disc Blu-ray version. Darkside Releasing and Shivers Entertainment are distributing this feature, which just released this week. More release and story details are hosted here. In Yesterday, six strangers are caught in a zombie apocalypse. Each character struggles to survive in a dying city. Events come to a head, in a local grocery store. Here, the remaining few survivors fight danger, from all around. Yesterday was originally released in 2009, on the film festival circuit. This release on Blu-ray will offer lots of extras, including: extensive special features, a 16 page booklet and a slipcover. More details on this limited release.
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