Fahrenheit 11/9 Review

Years ago, Michael Moore sat at the same table as Donald Trump when they were both scheduled as guests on (of all people) Roseanne Barr’s daytime talk show. Knowing what we know today, the implausibility of that image is amusing, but Moore wasn’t laughing. Trump, nervous to face Moore’s imminent firestorm of a debate, refused to be a part of the interview until the controversially outspoken filmmaker agreed to tame himself. Moore agreed and traded his pressing questions for cheap jokes. In voiceover, he tells those of us watching Fahrenheit 11/9 that he was shocked to learn that Trump enjoyed his first film, Roger & Me, which steamrolled over General Motors then CEO Roger B. Smith. Trump then said, “I hope he never does one about me.”

Nobody would want to be on the receiving end of one of Michael Moore’s investigations, but after watching his
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