The Purge Episode 7 Review: Lovely Dark and Deep

Ronald Hogan Oct 16, 2018

The Purge feels like an event in its quick-moving seventh episode.

This The Purge review contains spoilers.

The Purge Episode 7

I appreciate The Purge's commitment to old-fashioned stunt work more than perhaps anything else about the show. After all, there aren't many movies that would light a guy on fire, then send him down a zip line, let alone a television show. The only thing I appreciate more than a “guy on fire” scene is an unbroken long take tracking shot, like the stairway fight in The Protector or the incredible raid sequence in True Detective. The fire-flight isn't as long as when Alec Holland gets set on fire in Swamp Thing, but there's got to be points for degree of difficulty, plus there's no way to put the guy out when he's in the middle of the zip line, so he has to ride all the
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