October Horrors 2018 Day 24 – Perfect Blue (1997)

Perfect Blue, 1997.

Directed by Satoshi Kon.

Featuring the voice talents of Junko Iwao, Rica Matsumoto, Shinpachi Tsuji, Masaaki Ôkura, Yôsuke Akimoto, Yoku Shioya, and Hideyuki Hori.


Pop star Mima decides to retire from her days as a member of the girl-band Cham! to pursue an acting career, a decision that is met with hostility from her devoted fan base. As she embarks upon her new career path, Mima finds herself having to contend with a sinister stalker and her own rapidly disintegrating sanity.

I imagine it must be pretty difficult being a celebrity with all the pressures of stardom weighing down upon you day in day out. Sure you have the scores of adoring fans who regularly heap praise and love upon you, but you also have to deal the small but very vocal minority of people who have nothing better to do with their sad existences than wish
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