Solimon Awakening: Exclusive Flickering Myth Set Visit for Awakening Alpha

Dustin Leimgruber reports from the set of Shahin Sean Solimon’s new film Awakening Alpha…

Shahin Sean Solimon should be exhausted. Apart from a two hour nap and a bracing dawn swim under an icy downpour, he’s been up all night fine tuning footage from his new movie. Energetic and upbeat, you’d never know he’s running on fumes as he prepares to unveil the clip to a roomful of journalists. His guests crowd around a tray of muffins and coffee, buying him a few more minutes to render the freshly polished scene.

Persian-American Solimon was raised in Florida by American parents. Like many filmmakers of his generation, his love of cinema was crystallized in 1977 in a shopping mall theater as the rebel Tantive IV rumbled overhead with a Star Destroyer in hot pursuit. Before long he had transformed an old backyard camper into the Millennium Falcon, recruited
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