Power Rangers: Tommy Almost Had A Different Name

Shamus Kelley Jan 11, 2019

Before filming began, the most famous Power Ranger of all time had a very familiar name.

Tommy Oliver, a name that will be forever synonymous with Power Rangers. Beginning as the evil Green Ranger and wearing a variety of colors throughout the years, Tommy is without question the most popular Ranger of all time. It makes sense, you don’t go through wearing five Ranger suits and not pick up a lot of popularity. (Even if he didn't quite make it to the top of our Best Red Rangers list.)

But did you know Tommy Oliver wasn’t always going to be the Green Ranger’s name? Yes, that’s right; Kimberly could have been swooning after a man with a different name! What other name could have been used for Tommy though? It’s almost impossible to think about, Tommy Is the Green Ranger.

Well, thanks
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