Emily Morris gets back on the mat for ‘A Second Chance’ sequel

‘A Second Chance 2’

Writer-director Clay Glen has started shooting the sequel to his 2011 family drama A Second Chance in Adelaide and various locations in South Australia including the Flinders Ranges.

In A Second Chance 2 Emily Morris reprises her role from the original film, in which she portrayed 12-year-old gymnastics star Maddy Cornell.

Set ten years later, the plot follows Maddy as she becomes a gymnastics coach after recovering from an injury which took her out of Olympic contention.

Now leading a new team of young gymnasts drawn from all walks of life, she soon rediscovers her passion for the sport. Together she and the team face challenges on and off the mat as they aim to win the national championships.

Glen said: “Since we released the first film worldwide, we’ve been amazed by its popularity. I am constantly surprised how many people have seen it, especially mothers with their daughters.
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