Idris Elba Loves Being a DJ So Much, He Keeps Making TV Shows and Movies About It

  • Indiewire
When asked by Netflix if he had any ideas for TV shows, one of pop culture’s most intimidating screen presences said yes — he wanted to do a comedy.

Idris Elba, who stars in and co-created “Turn Up Charlie” with Gary Reich, acknowledged to IndieWire that it was a decision fueled by wanting to do something different, though not necessarily that different from his past work. “The thought of doing comedy felt like either I do something really outrageous like you know… I don’t know. Who’s the guy…? Not Russ Meyers. What’s his name?”

Elba then held up a pinky to the corner of his mouth, invoking the classic “Austin Powers” character Dr. Evil, played by Mike Myers, then laughing off the idea as ridiculous. “People would have been like, what’s happened to Idris?”

Instead of going broad, therefore, Elba wanted to do something relatively grounded,
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