Feature: All Grown Up – From Teen Star To Adult Star

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Every generation has them – the teenage actors who make it big, either on TV or in the cinema. But what happens after that? Some simply don’t make the transition to adult stardom, for a whole host of reasons. Others continue their acting career but never hit the same heights again. And then there are those that go all the way, right to the top. Like Jodie Foster. After regular appearances on TV since the age of seven, she was just 12 when she controversially played a teenage prostitute in Scorsese’s Taxi Driver. Or Natalie Portman. Discovered at the age of 11, she made her debut in Leon, while Leonardo Di Caprio was still in his teens when he stunned as the intellectually challenged boy in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.

All three – and there are plenty more – went on to be A-listers and all won Oscars. So could
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