The Simpsons Season 30 Episode 23 Review: Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion

The Simpsons Season 30 finale fizzles on new age miracle glue on "Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion."




This The Simpsons review contains spoilers.

The Simpsons: Season 30 Episode 23

The Simpsons, season 30, Episode 23, "Crystal Blue-Haired Persuasion," ends the year with the bland vibration. The New Age movement is a watered down white-lighty amalgamation of esoteric thought glearned by dark occult practitions throughout the ages. While it is certainly ripe for vegan ribbing, it doesn't make quite a strong enough impression for serious laughs.

We get a sense of this in some foreshadowing when Mr. Burns decides he is going to cut children's health care for his employees. The Springfield Nuclear Plant lost money for the first time in its corporate history and Smithers explains it is because socially conscious energy providers have gone solar and consciously evil firms are fracking. New Age practitioners usually claim to work in the light. But things
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