Gina Carano in Official Trailer for Action Thriller 'Daughter of the Wolf'

"I can't remember a time when I wasn't driven by rage." Vertical Entertainment has debuted a trailer for an action thriller titled Daughter of the Wolf, a new film made by production designer / filmmaker David Hackl (director of Saw V and Life on the Line). The film stars Gina Carano, who we haven't seen much of in cinema recently, but she's back as a badass in another action roll. Carano plays Clair Hamilton, a "military specialist" who returns home to claim her inheritance only to find that her son has been kidnapped. She must hunt down the mysterious leader of the gang holding him for ransom. Simple as that. The film's full cast includes Richard Dreyfuss, Brendan Fehr, Sydelle Noel, Brock Morgan, and Stew McLean. This looks as bland and derivative as they come, but it still somehow might entice a few interested viewers. Here's the first official trailer (+ poster
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