The Handmaid's Tale: If You Don't Recognize This Actress, You Must Be a 2000s Baby

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Image Source: Hulu

With the first three episodes of season three of The Handmaid's Tale now live on Hulu, we get a little more insight into what the future might hold for Emily's (aka Ofglen's aka Ofsteven aka Ofjoseph's) future in Canada. The very end of the new season's second episode, "Mary and Martha," teases an emotional reunion between Emily (played by Alexis Bledel) and her wife, Sylvia.

As we found out in season two during an episode devoted to Emily's backstory, the character used to be a microbiology professor who was married to a woman named Sylvia. The couple had a child together, a little boy named Oliver. Even though Emily was a talented young professor living and working in Boston, it didn't save her from the impending invasion of Gilead. We don't get to learn too much about her wife's life, but we do learn that Sylvia has
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