How Reality TV Handles Therapy Needs for Contestants

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How Reality TV Handles Therapy Needs for Contestants
Salacious behavior, twists that push the human psyche to the extreme, and pressure-cooker production schedules are just some situations for which reality-show contestants may be signing on. Add in the increasing role of social media and audience tendencies to see contestants as characters, and providing proper mental-health support becomes more important than ever.

Before Melissa Barrera broke through with American audiences as one of the leads on Starz’s “Vida,” she made her television debut in the 2011 Mexican reality show “La Academia.” At 21 years old, she says she loved the experience, but admits it nearly broke her.

“Reality TV is like a snake pit,” she says. “You think the entertainment industry can be hard, but reality TV? That’s the epitome of whether you’re ready for this or not. If I could survive that show, it meant I could do anything. I wouldn’t change anything, but it was
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