Sailor Moon Crystal Becomes Sailor Moon Eternal!

Michael S. Mammano Jun 30, 2019

The name and release info for the upcoming Sailor Moon theatrical films have been announced!

Once again, we come to the last day of the sixth month -- June 30th -- known to Moonies far and wide as the birthday of our lunar queen and her pink-haired daughter, and... you know... I should know by now not to be surprised when some huge piece of Sailor Moon news comes our way on this holiest of days, but by Serenity, they got me again!

Two years ago today, Sailor Moon Crystal’s creative team announced that the fourth arc of the manga, “Dream,” would not be adapted into a fourth season of Sailor Moon Crystal, but rather two feature films. This naturally raised a lot questions about how faithfully it would be able to adapt the arc on the matter of running time alone, but we did
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