Film Review: The Fatal Raid (2019) by Jacky Lee

Sequel to the 2016 film “Special Female Force”, “The Fatal Raid” is another addition to the Girls with Guns subcategory, which seems to ascend the stairs of the most popular action flick quite rapidly.

“The Fatal Raid” is screening at New York Asian Film Festival

The story begins with a rather violent confrontation between Detective Tam, Inspector Madam Fong, Blacky and a team of commandos, and a group of outlaws trying to cross to Macao through Hong Kong. The result was tragic for the law forces, with a number of commandos getting killed and Blackie disappearing. 20 years later, Tam and Madam Fong still feel much regret about the incident, but now have a chance to atone,during a mission of escorting the female deputy commissioner of the Hong Kong Police Force to Macao, along with four female officers: Alma, Zi Han, Sheila, and Tong Yu. However, this time young members of
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