Who Are the Fathers of Liz's Sons on General Hospital?

Family trees can get rather complicated on soaps, but one of the most confusing ones is the Webber family tree that has many fans wondering who are the fathers of Elizabeth's kids on General Hospital? Liz has three sons, but with all the swapped paternity tests, lies, and general drama, it can be difficult for newer viewers to work it all out. Which is where we come in! Who is Cameron's father? (Photo Credit: Michael Yarish/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images via Getty Images; ABC) Liz's oldest son is Cameron Steven Webber, and his biological father is Zander Smith, who died in a police shootout before his son was even born. When Liz was married to Lucky Spencer, he became the father figure in Cameron's life during that time. Things got confusing for young Cam when Liz had an affair with Nikolas, and later blamed his mother for Lucky leaving town.
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