Stranger Things: Eleven’s Journey and the Need of Powers

David Crow Jul 9, 2019

We examine Eleven's character arc over all three seasons of Stranger Things, and why the loss of super powers is a good thing.

This article contains major spoilers for Stranger Things 3.

Eleven’s journey is one of contrasts on Stranger Things. As the veritable star of the series, and certainly its most enigmatic character, the young woman who was born without a name is defined by her contradictions. She is the doe-eyed girl who’s been systematically robbed of a childhood, and she’s also the superpowered messiah whose telekinesis is the solution to all problems; she is the victim of the powers-at-be and their protector when she alone can shut the gate to the Upside Down; she is the child bleeding from the nose in Mike’s arms during the season 1 finale and the unstoppable force who just slaughtered the dozen other exploded corpses around them.
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