Fantasia Review: ‘Jade’s Asylum’ is a Nuanced Descent into Terror

We don’t get our bearings as far as locale and characters go until a little ways into Alexandre Carrière’s Jade’s Asylum. While we’ve already met Jade (Morgan Kohan) and her boyfriend Toby (Kjartan Hewitt) in the midst of a fight wherein he blames his infidelity on her need for a therapist (if his infidelity can be believed along with anything that occurs on-screen), it’s two police officers engaged in an illicit affair (Mauricio Morales’ Alvares and Diana Marcela Aguilar Chavez’s Vasquez) who fill us in on their surroundings with palpable disdain. They don’t like that these rowdy Americans have come to Costa Rica to throw money around and build a party mansion for drugs and women away from prying eyes because they know only bad things can result.

You have to figure their idea of a “worst case” scenario is a drunken overdose
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