Fantasia 2019: ‘Jade’s Asylum’ Review

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Stars: Morgan Kohan, Roc Lafortune, Sebastian Piggott, Drew Nelson, Kjartan Hewitt, Jeff Teravainen, Tomas Chovanec, Deanna Jarvis | Written and Directed by Alexandre Carrière

Somewhere in Costa Rica, by the sea, in the huge, ominous jungle, lies a mutilated body. Abandoned emergency vehicles are parked nearby. Jade (Morgan Kohan) is lost and confused. Flashback to the young woman on holiday in a luxurious mansion with rich Americans who just want to party with sexy girls and plenty of blow. Isolated from the group, Jade is haunted by psychotic visions. Meanwhile, there is a series of mysterious attacks by figures covered with vegetation, dripping with sap and armed with machetes, who are both terrifying and curiously beautiful.

Where to begin with Jade’s Asylum? Well probably somewhere at the end..? Or the middle? Or the beginning? That’s because this super-trippy psychological horror film, from writer/director Alexandre Carrière, plays with time like kids play with toys.
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