Loopers: The Caddie’s Long Walk review – going a round with golf's unsung heroes

Narrator Bill Murray adds some welcome merriment to this plod through the history of the sport’s bag men and women

Viewers and critics versed in golf lore can pass judgment on how well this documentary about caddies enhances their knowledge of the sport itself. But on the behalf of those utterly uninterested in golf, I can report that it is moderately interesting.

Director Jason Baffa’s film is a mostly bland, workmanlike amble through the history of caddies. However, the film does reveal that Bill Murray, noted golfing enthusiast and co-star of that revered comedy of golfing ribaldry Caddyshack (1980), can smooth talk a microphone with the best of the world’s slumming A-listers as a documentary narrator. Here, he enhances an otherwise plodding, cliche-riddled script with wry, tongue-in-cheek merriment, throwing in a delightful, fluting whimsy to his lilting, mock-Scots pronunciation of the name Carnoustie, which crops up a lot
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