The 25 Best Movie Scenes of the Decade

  • Indiewire
Earlier this week, IndieWire unveiled our list of the 100 Best Movies of the Decade.

As you might imagine, selecting those movies from the thousands that have been released over the last 10 years wasn’t an easy process. A multitude of factors went into the team’s individual and collective choices, but when we thought back on the films that defined this decade, we found ourselves returning to individual moments as a pathway into engaging with the movies around them. None of the modern classics that made it onto our list can be distilled into a single scene, but certain passages from them — like vivid flashbulb memories, or a lighthouse guiding us back to the shore — still manage to perfectly capture the essence of their full power.

From the Big Bang to Bryan Adams’ “Heaven,” and from Godard to a gas station striptease, these are the 25 best movie scenes of the last 10 years.
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