Animal Kingdom: Shawn Hatosy on the Complicated Nature of Pope and the Emotions Surrounding "Julia"

Pope Cody is an Animal Kingdom favorite. He's complicated and dark and does some pretty bad things, but fans can't help but love him.

He's played to perfection by actor Shawn Hatosy who also played with our emotions when he made his directorial debut with Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 11.

Shawn takes another turn at directing, this time with Animal Kingdom Season 4 Episode 11, "Julia," which we only can imagine will take our emotions to new heights.

We had a chance to talk with Shawn about his character, what directing this episode means to him, and the future of the Cody family.

TV Fanatic: Congratulations on your Animal Kingdom Season 5 renewal. The fans are happy. I'm sure you guys are, too.

Shawn Hatosy: Yeah, I'm thrilled. Are you kidding?!

This is the second time you've directed an episode of Animal Kingdom, and like the first it's quite intense. What can you tell
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