‘When They See Us’ Composer on ‘Horror Film’ Approach to Score

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‘When They See Us’ Composer on ‘Horror Film’ Approach to Score
Belying his resume, Kris Bowers is a young man — so young that he was only 2 weeks old when a jogger was attacked in Central Park in 1989, kicking into motion the miscarriage of justice he would become immersed in three decades later when signing on to score Ava DuVernay’s Netflix limited series “When They See Us.” The pianist-composer previously earned a Daytime Emmy but admits “it feels different” to be up for a primetime one.

How tough is it to underscore such an emotional story without bumming viewers out even more?

We definitely wanted it to feel as bad as possible! But we also wanted to hold onto the fact that these are young kids whose innocence is being stripped away, and that innocence has to be represented for us to really feel it being taken. They did make it through, and there is an ugly beauty to their resilience
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