Janmashtami Special: TV actors share the teachings of Lord Krishna

TV actors share their teachings of Lord Krishna on this Janmashtami

Rajesh Kumar: For me, karm kiye ja phal ki chinta na kar is an all-time favourite and yet relevant as the only thing in your hand is the process and not the fruit. Lord Krishna was ahead of his times. He is alive in Geeta. His teachings are forever relevant.

Ansh Bagri:?I follow Lord Krishna. I feel connected and used to go to Mathura and used to do parikrama. He followed human Dharm of sticking with what is right in terms of humanity. Mahabharat was a fight of right and wrong.

He always said there is nothing bigger than work. Lord Krishna respected women always and he was not a flirt but very kind-hearted toward women. Visiting Mathura is always on my list. I feel Lord Krishna?s essence when I visit Mathura. Lord Krishna was human God and real.
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