What's New on Netflix, VOD and Redbox: 'Inception,' 'Joan Rivers,' 'The Money Pit'

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Helping you navigate the sea of available on-demand movie and television content, What's New will help you settle that age-old argument of what to watch. Covering Netflix Watch Instantly, Redbox, and Cable Video-on-Demand services, this weekly Moviefone column does the grunt work so you don't have to. Movie night has officially been simplified.

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'Wushu Warrior' -- Corrupt aristocrat Edward Lindsey (Matt Frewer) is using the opium trade to enslave the Chinese masses, and it's up to the Red Lotus Society to end his reign of terror. Play on Netflix.

'The Deep' -- Peter Benchley, who wrote 'Jaws,' also wrote 'The Deep.' Scuba divers David Sanders and Gail Berke (Nick Nolte and Jacqueline Bisset), assisted by Romer Treece (Robert Shaw), discover a sunken treasure off the Bermuda coast.
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