Joker Review [Tiff 2019]

Take this as you will: Todd Phillips’ Joker is exactly the kind of movie the Clown Prince of Crime would have wanted. Vicious, dangerous, transcendent, it’s the boldest and most shattering addition to the comic cinema canon since The Dark Knight. But even so, this slow burn film has forged its own path on the outskirts of blockbuster creativity, not only reinventing one of entertainment’s most iconic villains, but our conception – and hopefully, a whole string of future filmmakers’ notions – of the comic book genre itself.

Muck and junk flood the streets of Gotham City. Travis Bickle longed for the day the rain would wash the streets clean of such filth, and in 1989’s Do the Right Thing, set and released at the tail end of the decade this film’s events take place, the overbearing heat did its part in igniting a block-contained, yet thunderous rebellion. In that spirit,
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