‘Lucy in the Sky’ Review: Noah Hawley’s Astronaut Drama Leaves Natalie Portman Lost In Space

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Going into outer space literally changes a person. Your muscles atrophy. Your bones deteriorate. One Nasa study even found that prolonged time in the cosmos can alter the telomeres at the end of your DNA. Some of these effects are temporary, while others are obviously more permanent. Those of the mental variety tend to fall into the latter category. It’s a tricky thing to measure, but your mind cannot be un-blown; looking down at the Earth like it’s a marble in your hand isn’t a perspective people lose. It’s hard to imagine how differently someone might see the world after they’ve looked at it from a god’s-eye view — how someone could float amongst the stars one day, and eat dinner at Applebee’s the next. Noah Hawley’s “Lucy in the Sky” spends two full hours trying to do just that, and it understandably comes up short.
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