‘The Cotton Club Encore’ Trailer Previews Francis Ford Coppola’s New Restored Reworking

As Francis Ford Coppola continues to prep for his long-gestating sci-fi epic Megalopolis, the director has been looking back his career. After restoring Tucker: The Man and His Dream, he reworked and restored Apocalypse Now, and now he’s returning to his 1930s-set musical-meets-crime drama with The Cotton Club Encore. Following the inner workings of a Harlem jazz club, the film wasn’t a hit upon its 1984 release, but now Coppola has spent about a half a million of his own dime to restore the image and sound, as well as re-edit the project to include the originally-envisioned ending, new dance numbers, and more.

“I always felt that the movie got cut down; there was 25 or 30 minutes taken out and a lot of the black story got cut out. I found the Betamax of the original cut. I don’t think in the release version of The Cotton Club you
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