Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Is The Superhero Movie The World Needs As It Brilliantly Twists The Genre And Attacks Stereotypes, Abusive Corporations And Organized Religion

It’s our world. But with one fundamental change – superheroes exist. They exist in all their flying, laser-beam-shooting, fish-talking, invisible-turning, super-strength glory. By now, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the DC Extended Universe dominating the box office and smashing records like it’s The Hulk, we are no stranger to the concept of superhumans and all the tropes that come with it … Amazon's The Boys grabs this list of what we have been conditioned to believe about our beloved superheroes, scrunches it up and callously throws it all away. And steamrolls over it and lasers it and buries the ashes. In this world, superhumans are … less heroic, more human. The Boys unflinchingly explores what it would mean, ‘realistically’, for our society if people were able to develop extraordinary powers. Would they really sort themselves neatly into the superhero or supervillain categories? Or would things be … a whole lot greyer than that?
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