Meet Star Skipper, Paramount Animation’s Magical New Trademark Logo Character

  • Variety
Studio logos are powerful signals to audiences.

Multiple generations of moviegoers flipping through channels or scanning streaming titles have frozen at the sight of a desk lamp hopping across the screen, because it means a Pixar movie is about to play. Likewise, when a young boy lounging inside a crescent moon casts his fishing line into the clouds, you know DreamWorks Animation is about to deliver a family-friendly story. Paramount Animation now joins their ranks with its first-ever dedicated logo for the division, which is run by Mireille Soria.

Audiences are about to meet a character who will represent the Paramount Animation brand in film, TV and marketing spots. She’s a tween named Star Skipper, and she appears in a heightened version of the iconic Paramount logo: a snowcapped mountain surrounded by a forest and a serene lake. There’s some magic built in, however: The character skips a stone across the water,
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