Emmy Handicaps 2019: Outstanding Television Movie

  • Deadline
At one time this was one of Emmy’s most sought after and prestigious prizes, but as the Limited Series format became more attractive, and a magnet for top talent, the TV Movie category is just a shell of what it used to be. The numbers say it all. Only one of the five nominees received more than two nominations overall, and three of the nominees find their only Emmy mention right here—not a great indication of widespread support for this form in the Academy, to say the least. Netflix has actually won here a couple of times by plucking episodes from their popular anthology series, Black Mirror, and labeling them ‘movies’. A new rule instituted this year requires an entry to run at least 75 minutes long, which would have disqualified two of the past three winners here.

Bandersnatch (Black Mirror)


The only anthology entry this year, and
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