X-23 Will Eventually Replace Wolverine In The McU

If one thing’s clear, it’s that Marvel Studios has confirmed their intent to introduce the X-Men into the McU in the future. If there’s one thing which isn’t, it’s exactly how the creative team plans to accomplish the task at hand. We’ve heard reports, rumors, theories, and everything in between, but we’re no closer to figuring out where and when the mutants will make their first appearance.

However, we’ve recently come across a tidbit of info that might shed some light on Marvel Studios’ plans for the X-Men. One of our industry insiders – the same ones who told us Tom Welling was returning for “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” and that Taskmaster will be the villain in Black Widow – have clued us in on what’s in store for both Wolverine and X-23. It seems the elder clawed mutant will be introduced to
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