‘Star Trek: Picard’ New Trailer Reunites Jean-Luc With Data (Video)

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CBS All Access dropped a trailer for its highly anticipated new series “Star Trek: Picard” at New York Comic Con on Saturday, featuring a look at the former captain fighting the test of time in a Federation where he is no longer welcome.

The trailer opens in picturesque vineyard, with Data painting a cryptic portrait of a cloaked figure standing on the edge of a stormy sea. When a pensive-looking Picard slowly approaches, Data asks, “Would you like to finish it, Captain?”

Picard responds, “I don’t know how.”

Flash cuts of a space fight abruptly end with Picard seemingly waking from a dream. What follows is the captain determined to stand up for the Federation and “what it should still represent,” only to be harshly told, “This is no longer your house, Jean-Luc. Go home!”

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