Trump Tunes In? Tweets Rebuke Of Bill Maher Guest During HBO Show

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Updated: President Trump tweeted a rebuke directly at a guest of Real Time with Bill Maher after apparently tuning-in to the HBO show on Friday during an especially savage anti-Trump episode. The Commander-in-Chief’s social media sniping was aimed not at the firebrand host but at Susan Rice, the former National Security Advisor under President Obama.

On air, Rice had methodically flayed the Gop incumbent for the ineptitude of his foreign policy moves and the long-range consequences of Trump’s most recent geo-political misadventures. Rice, plugging her new book, also said that Trump’s polarizing presence in the American political arena has made the country more vulnerable to foreign influence.

“What Putin’s genius is, is he understands that we are so divided internally,” said Rice, who was also U.N. Ambassador. “And I argue in my book, Tough Love, that our domestic political divisions are, in fact, our greatest national security vulnerability.
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