Film Review: Millennium Mambo (2001) by Hou Hsiao-hsen

Three years after “Flowers of Shanghai”, Hou Hsiao-hsen released “Millennium Mambo”, a film that signaled another change in his themes, as it deals with the life of youths in contemporary Taiwan. “Millenium Mambo” inaugurated his collaborations with Shu Qi, who played the protagonist roles in most of his later works. The film was screened in more film festivals than any of his previous works and was the first to receive distribution in the Us, although limited.

Vicky has recently moved to Taipei from Keelung and works doing PR in a nightclub. Hao Hao is her jealous boyfriend who checks everything she does, including her bank transactions, her phone calls, and even her body smell. She spends her days working, doing drugs and fighting with Hao Hao, at least when they are not having sex. At some point, Hao Hao starts having trouble with the police. Vicky
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