Blu-ray Review: Killer Crocodile (1989)

When sharks became passé for Italian filmmakers, they turned their particular brand of aquatic horror towards its brethren—lest we think crocodiles don’t deserve their own bloody spotlight, we were bequeathed um, Killer Crocodile (1989), a fun Jaws homage with enough Italian charm to put it over. Needless to say, it arrives in a spiffy new Blu-ray from those purveyors of the weird and wonderful, Severin Films.

Fabrizio De Angelis’ (aka Larry Ludman) biggest claim in the horror world was producing some of Lucio Fulci’s biggest and well-known films; from Zombie (1979) through Manhattan Baby (1982) he helped Fulci realize his visions to worldwide success. But Killer Crocodile wasn’t him trying to stake his own claim in the film world; this was the tenth film he directed, and if he doesn’t have quite the macabre hallucinatory touch of his former collaborator, he knows how to string together some gnarly
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