Free Guy Trailer Has Ryan Reynolds Trapped in a Wild Video Game

  • MovieWeb
20th Century Fox has revealed the first trailer for Free Guy. This is the latest from director Shawn Levy who has partnered with Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds for his latest big screen effort. In this case, Levy is tackling a video game movie, but not one based on a real video game. Instead, Reynolds is playing a character in a fictional video game, but with something of a Truman Show twist. After a couple of teasers that didn't contain any actual footage, the studio has finally provided us with our first real look at the movie.

As teased in yesterday's Free Guy infomercial, the story centers on a bank teller (Ryan Reynolds) who is settled into the simple routine that is his life. However, things are shaken up in a big way when he discovers he's simply an Npc, a non-playable character in a massive, violent open world video game.
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