Y&r's Mishael Morgan Reveals She Always Wanted to Be an Attorney (Exclusive)

When Mishael Morgan found out that her new character on The Young & The Restless, Amanda, was a high-powered attorney, she says that she was ready to sign the contract! “For me, right there, I was sold”, she laughed to Soaps In Depth. “Being a lawyer was my first career choice. That’s what I had wanted to be all my life.” In fact, Morgan says that two weeks before she was scheduled to go to law school — after being involved in a car accident that gave her a new perspective — she took the leap into acting, booking her first role. “This is like my two dreams coming together, where I can play an attorney on TV!” smiled the actress. “I call my girlfriend, who is an attorney, and she’s still working at nine o’clock at night. I don’t have to do that or have to worry about
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