Short Film Review: Jing Zhe (2013) By Fruit Chan

The last part of the “Tales from the Dark” omnibus, which consisted of three parts by different directors based in Lilian Lee’s works (“Farewell my Concubine” is her most famous work), was actually the best by far, proving that Fruit Chan, who was far from his best form at the time, “still got it”.

The story revolves around Chu, an elderly, quite different fortuneteller, who draws her income by smacking photographs of the people her clients hate, in a process that, supposedly, will lead to extreme harm for them. The night the story takes place in starts quite nicely for her, since a rather vengeful rich woman gives her a lot of money to hurt a number of women. However, it soon turns into a nightmare for Chu, as a rather unusual customer, looking like a teenage girl becomes her last for the night.

The way
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