VHYes Review: Midnight Movie Throwback Recalls Cult Classics

VHYes is more than a celebration of 80s video culture. It provides perfect hindsight for 2020.




VHYes is a terrible title for a very cool and misleadingly smart and innovative movie. The film was directed by Jack Henry Robbins, the son of Susan Sarandon and Tim Roberts, both cult movie icons. Sarandon for her turns in Pretty Baby and the absolute pinnacle of midnight movies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Roberts, to me for his Jacob in the dread film masterpiece Jacob's Ladder, but at the very least for Tapeheads, a film about the video industry itself, or Howard the Duck. VHYes is an exciting return to the true cult films of decades ago. But you have to get past the title. That could also be a point.

The film is a comedy anthology, like Groove Tube, Kentucky Fried Movie, and Tunnel Vision. But it is also very creepy,
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