An Ode to Timothée Chalamet's Chiseled, Sharp, and Sexy Jawline

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Captain America's shield, Jennifer Lopez's ginormous engagement ring, my cold, dead heart - what do all of these seemingly random objects have in common? Impenetrable as they may seem, they could easily be sliced and diced by Timothée Chalamet's razor-sharp jawline. The actor possesses many qualities that make him attractive - that boyish charm, those dreamy green eyes, that bouncy hair - but his most swoon-worthy physical attribute by far is that chiseled, carved-by-the-gods jaw.

I've had a *thing* for jawlines since 2006, the year Channing Tatum fueled my sexual awakening in two cinematic masterpieces: Step Up and She's the Man. Sure, his abs and biceps were front and center in both films, but I found myself thirsting over the actor's jaw as he danced alongside Jenna Dewan and played soccer with Amanda Bynes. Channing's jawline unfortunately hasn't maintained its defined nature through the years, leaving the door wide
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