14 Most Outspoken Celebrities that Support the Use of Marijuana

Some people have been hesitant to talk about cannabis for a long time. However, several celebrities have come out openly and spoken in support of the use of marijuana. It can be attributed to the recent move by several states to legalize it. According to the federal government, cannabis remains a Schedule 1 drug. But, this herb has slowly and surely found its way into different social circles.

Today, many people are using marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. And, with its growing popularity, its prevalence is increasing. The attitudes of the masses regarding cannabis have also changed. Even some of the most vocal celebrities are now speaking in support of marijuana use. Here are 14 most outspoken stars that support the use of marijuana.

1. Danny DeVito

It is one of the most outspoken celebrities that always supported the use of marijuana. Danny has been quoted as he expressed his excitement about cannabis legalization.
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