National Treasure 3 Finally Happening at Disney?

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Is National Treasure 3 actually happening? According to a new report, Disney has the highly anticipated sequel in active development with Chris Bremner attached to write the script. The studio reportedly has Jerry Bruckheimer on board too, who has promised the movie since 2008. Bruckheimer even confirmed that a first draft of the script was complete back in 2010, which has more than likely been ditched by this point in time. Whatever the case may be, it looks like we're going to see Nicolas Cage back as Benjamin Gates in the near future.

The National Treasure 3 news comes from a report about Chris Bremner writing the Bad Boys 4 script. Bremner is certainly getting busier, but these next two projects should be huge, if they end up both hitting the big screen in the next few years. Over the years, talks of the National Treasure franchise have given off mixed signals.
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