‘Star Trek: Picard’ Review: Patrick Stewart Revisits ‘The Next Generation’ for the Nostalgia Generation

What’s to say about “Picard” that a) can be said, given this review is a spoiler-free zone, and b) needs to be said, given CBS All Access is ostensibly reviving one of the “Star Trek” franchise’s most-utilized captains, and thus rebooting one of the fandom’s favorite shows? Of course, the question can apply directly to the man himself: What’s left to say about Picard that hasn’t been said in seven seasons of great television, four films of vastly disparate quality, and innumerable appearances in “Star Trek”-related stories?

Saddling the pure-of-heart, bald-of-head leader with fresh baggage and renewed purpose should motivate most prospective viewers to say “engage” each week of this 10-episode ride, but there’s a lingering feeling of missed opportunity hovering over our initial re-entry. “Star Trek: Picard” may represent a new chapter for Patrick Stewart’s beloved Jean-Luc, but it’s not
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