‘Bliss’ Limited Edition Blu-ray Review

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Stars: Dora Madison, Tru Collins, Rhys Wakefield, Jeremy Gardner, Graham Skipper, Chris McKenna, Rachel Avery, George Wendt, Abraham Benrubi, Mark Beltzman | Written and Directed by Joe Begos

f ever there was a filmmaker I felt made films especially for me it’s Joe Begos. Almost Human, The Minds Eye and now Bliss. Three films that take on different cinematic horror tropes: alien invasion, telekinesis and vampirism repectively but also three films that harken back to the 80s, in both style and substance. In this reviewers opinion the 80s is an era where ideas where allowed to run rampant, mainly in part due to the explosion if the direct-to-vhs market and a burgeoning, if not rabid, fan base for horror movies on tape who would watch literally Anything they could get their eager hands on.

Begos’ latest, Bliss, tells the story of a brilliant painter facing the worst creative block of
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