How Fantasy Island Reimagines the Classic TV Show

How Fantasy Island Reimagines the Classic TV Show
Don Kaye Feb 14, 2020

Director Jeff Wadlow tells us why his Fantasy Island is a darker tropical getaway than the original series.

In Fantasy Island, five people land via seaplane on a mysterious tropical island where they’ve paid handsomely to have their deepest fantasies fulfilled. For one young woman, that means revenge against a school bully; for two adopted brothers, it’s a weekend of sex, booze, and nonstop partying. For the other two--a single woman and a traumatized cop--the fantasy turns out to be, respectively, having the family you decided against and meeting the dad you never really knew.

But as the island’s mysterious host Mr. Roarke (Michael Peña) warns, some fantasies don’t play out as the guests expect and once they’ve started, they can’t be stopped. Not only that, but the guests also soon discover that their fantasies are not only terrifyingly real, but
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